In the sports nutrition market, there are a large number of dietary supplement brands that offer many products that may have similar compositions and it can be difficult to choose the one that will suit us best. However, not all brands offer the same product quality, hence the fact that they have more or less expensive products and therefore will not be suitable for all budgets. The choice of a sports nutrition brand is based on several selection criteria: brand image, product composition, price, quality, individual preferences … very broad criteria specific to each. In this article, we’ll try to help you choose your brand of sports nutrition.

The brand image of your dietary supplement

Branding is important because it will determine whether or not it looks like you. This can go through the athletes of the brand with whom you have more or less affinity, but also what the brand can release in terms of packaging, communication, events or others. In short, branding will be based on everything you see at first glance that can help you make your choices. For example, if your favorite athlete is from this or that brand, it makes sense that you will be more interested in it. If the packaging makes you want to eat, then you’re going to be tempted to give it a try. If the communication and other events that you can see on social networks sound like you in sporting terms, you will take a closer look. Brands such as BioTech USA, Optimum Nutrition, Olimp Sport Nutrition and Grenade have a very strong brand image, making them benchmarks in the market.

The composition of the products

Each product has its own composition which may resemble competitive products. However, some may have higher amounts of calories, sugars, fats, lower amounts of amino acids, the presence of unnecessary sweeteners, products certified gluten-free, GMO-free, lactose-free … in short, it all depends on your own consumption habits and preferences. For example, if you are allergic to lactose or gluten, it makes sense to look to brands that offer products certified without these ingredients. On the market, there are products for all tastes and all consumption habits.

The price and quality of products for your sports nutrition

Any quality product has a price. The more a product will be composed of quality ingredients, in precise and proven dosages, with high-end manufacturing processes, compliance with standards and regulations in force, the more this product will have a high price, which is totally logical. . This choice will depend on your budget allocated to food supplements as part of your sports practice. If we take the example of concentrated and native whey, it is true that they have the same objective which is to contribute to the maintenance and development of muscle mass (1) but the price will not be the same because of the quality of the product and the manufacturing techniques used. An Iso Whey Zero from BioTech USA will cost much more than an Impact Whey from MyProtein. This is valid in all areas and not just in sports nutrition.

Preferences towards the brand and the products

This selection criterion is specific to each person. If you feel more drawn to a particular brand because the products meet your expectations, then you’ve chosen your brand. Preferences may depend on the points raised above. However, we always advise you to start by consuming products in the smallest packaging with reduced quantities, to make your own choices and change brands if that does not suit you. This is why on the Optigura site we strive to offer a wide choice of products, in several different sizes!

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